Risk and Resilience of Complex Systems (RRCS), Industrial Chair, 2020 - 2024


About the Chair

The industrial Chair RRCS is supported by three industrial partners: Électricité de France (EDF)Orange, and the Société nationale des chemins de fer français (SNCF). It inherited the Chair on System Science and Energy Challenge, lasting two seasons (2009 - 2019). The scientific research includes three main axes:

  • Modelling of systems of systems and their interdependences for risk management and resilience between several operators
  • Modelling and optimization of maintenance tasks to reduce their impact on service continuity (internally and between operators)
  • Common models and methods platform

The operational objectives of the Chair include:

  • Experience sharing among the Chair members and the researchers from the three partners
  • In-depth explorative research within the framework of PhD theses and master internships
  • Applications & role-play within the framework of student projects
  • Integrating partner use cases into the teaching for Ingénieur and Master students
  • Training on risk and resilience issues of complex industrial systems
  • Animation of the community and ecosystems

Chair members

Anne Barros
Full Professor, Group head

Research: stochastic model, prognostic, condition-based and predictive maintenance, reliability analysis

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Yiping Fang
Associate Professor, HDR

Research: risk and resilience, mathematical optimization, cyber-physical systems, reinforcement learning 

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Zhiguo Zeng
Associate Professor, HDR

Research: reliability engineering, stochastic model, uncertainty quantification, risk analysis

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Matthieu Roux
Chair Ph.D. candidate

Thesis: Optimization of scheduled maintenance operations for complex industrial systems

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Andrea Bellè
Ph.D. Graduated

Thesis: Resilience and coupling of interdependent critical infrastructures : models, optimization, and operations

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