Permanent Members

Anne Barros
Full Professor, Group head

Research: stochastic model, prognostic, condition-based and predictive maintenance, reliability analysis

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Yiping Fang
Associate Professor, HDR

Research: risk and resilience, mathematical optimization, cyber-physical systems, reinforcement learning 

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Zhiguo Zeng
Associate Professor, HDR

Research: reliability engineering, stochastic model, uncertainty quantification, risk analysis

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Adam F. Abdin
Associate Professor

Research: operations research, resilience of complex systems, robust optimization, reinforcement learning 

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Jakob Puchinger
Full Professor

Research: Urban mobility, Transport optimization, Combinatorial optimization, Exact and heuristic optimization methods, Operations research 

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Guillaume Lamé
Associate Professor

Research: Health services research, Healthcare operations management, Problem structuring methods 

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Postdoc researchers

Minh Tam Tran
Minh Tâm Trần
Postdoctoral researcher

Research: Operations Research, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Artificial Intelligence

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PhD Candidates

Matthieu Roux
Chair Ph.D. candidate

Thesis: Optimization of scheduled maintenance operations for complex industrial systems

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Zhuojun Xie
Ph.D. candidate

Thesis: Modeling and optimization for robust energy transition strategies
towards renewable and resilience under climate change

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Susmitha PATNALA
Ph.D. candidate, ANR

Thesis: Optimal planning and management for on-orbit servicing to improve resilience and sustainability of Space Industries

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Khaled Sayad
Ph.D. candidate, CIFRE with Orange

Thesis: Information sharing based coordination of interdependent systems

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Yang Sun
Ph.D. candidate, CIFRE with SNCF

Thesis: Intégration humain-systèmes basée sur des modèles (Model-based human systems integration)

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Xihe Ge
Ph.D. candidate, ANR DFT

Thesis: Digital failure twin for online reliability assessment and predictive maintenance of future manufacturing systems

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Pascal Quach
Ph.D. candidate, ANR ReScaResilience

Thesis: Stochastic optimization and reinforcement learning for the resilience of networked infrastructures against climate change

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Jean Meunier-Pion
Ph.D. candidate, UPSaclay doctoraux "blancs"

Thesis: Failure knowledge learning, scenario generation and contingency planning for designing resilient critical infrastructures through natural language processing and machine learning

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Zehui Xuan
Chair Ph.D. candidate

Thesis: Integrated machine learning and optimization for sequential decision-making in continuously monitored systems

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Visiting Professors

David Coit
Jean d’Alembert fellowship Full Professor (Rutgers University)

Research: System Reliability Modeling & Optimization

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Visiting Students

Ding Mao

Research interest: reliability and resilience analysis of integrated urban energy systems

From HIT China



Ancient Members

Graduate PhD, thesis: Resilience and coupling of interdependent critical infrastructures: models, optimization, and operations

Post-PhD: Research Engineer in Artificial Intelligence at Thales


Graduate PhD, thesis: Resilience quantification and optimization of smart electric grids

Post-PhD: Postdoctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley

Rui Li

Graduate PhD, thesis: Modeling of a 5G (or Beyond 5G) network to estimate its capacity to meet the resilience requirements of verticals